BeeDee Blades pvt. ltd. multi-domain holistic medical technologies integrate different schools of medicine, to prevent and rehabilitate physical illnesses linked with psychological and social rehabilitation of the individual. Integrating the various schools of thoughts of medicine onto one platform is vital for proper patient care and all products are developed with integrated end services in mind along the lines of Ultimate Rehabilitation.
With an objective to provide support in the multifarious process of physical Rehabilitation , BeeDee Baldes Pvt Limited was established in 1996.

Our Mission

We are India’s leading medical technology company that manufacture, market and distribute a variety of products and services under the auspices of patented concepts namely Bandage to Splintage, First Aid to All Aid, Playing to Play Safe and Cure to Care. MGRM Medicare, MGRM Group’s flagship company, has been at the forefront of the physical rehabilitation revolution in India and the South Asian region and has transformed the physical rehabilitation sector with its high quality products and services built on the proprietary MTCP Technology.