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Knee Immobilizer C/P 19″/22″

The Three Panel Knee Immobilizer has a unique design that maximizes comfort and effectiveness. There is a large back panel made from 1/4″ thick foam that has three ridged preformed stays that run down the back of the leg. The stays are bent to resemble the anatomical shape of the back of the leg and knee. There are two side panels (one on each side) that attach with Velcro to the back panel. These side panels can be moved to make the immobilizer larger or smaller while keeping the side stays correctly positioned on the medial and lateral sides of the knee.

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  • Adjustable three piece design accommodates multiple circumferences
  • Lightweight aluminum posterior, medial and lateral stays are malleable to conform to the contours of the knee
  • Posterior stay is sewn in, while lateral and medial stays are removable
  • Loop lock closure with plastic D rings
  • Side panels can be repositioned to optimally locate the medial and lateral stays as needed for improved fit

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